How to Make Your First Cryptocurrency Transaction: Step-by-Step Guide

Bitsofa Wallet Bitcoin

In this article, we'll explain how to complete your first cryptocurrency transaction in five simple steps. Install the Bitsofa app and follow the instructions below.

1. Confirm Your Identity

Fill in your details in the Personal Cabinet so that other users can see information about you and trust you more when choosing a transaction.

2. Create a Wallet

In the "Wallet" section, click the plus sign and select the cryptocurrency you want.

3. Fund Your Account

In the "Exchange" section, click on "Buy Bitcoin." Familiarize yourself with how the app works.

4. Choose a Payment System

Bitsofa allows trading without banks or electronic wallets. Carefully read the terms and conditions of both options, as well as any restrictions and fees.

5. Select the Best Option

On Bitsofa, participants set their own transaction prices. Choose the most advantageous offer for you, read the transaction terms, and if everything suits you, click "Start Transaction."

After that, it's simple: specify the transaction amount, click "Next," wait for confirmation from the seller, and confirm the transfer. That's it – in 5-7 minutes, you'll become the proud owner of your first cryptocurrency.

Happy trading!

Full Terms and Conditions of the "Bonus +100% on First Deposit" Promotion

1. Promotion Period: From 01.06.2023 to 07.08.2023.

2. The bonus is available only once for the first deposit.

3. The minimum deposit threshold to participate in the promotion is $10.

4. The bonus amount is equal to the deposit amount, but not exceeding $100.

5. The bonus is only available for use in the "Trading" section on the website and in the Android app. It cannot be used in P2P trading or Exchange.

6. The bonus can only be used to secure open positions.

7. The bonus reduces the level of Trading Limit usage.

8. In case of losses from trades, the bonus is deducted from the balance first. When profit is realized, the bonus is restored to the original amount.


User deposits $100

Bitsofa credits a $100 bonus

If the user incurs a loss of $50, the balance will be $150: $100 deposit and $50 in bonuses.

If the user then makes a profit of $70, the balance will be $220. Of these, bonuses will be restored to the original $100, and the remaining $120 will be the user's funds.

9. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn.

10. Bonuses will expire if the user's account remains inactive for 30 calendar days from the date of receiving the bonus. An inactive account is one where no trading operations are conducted.

11. The bonus cannot be used as collateral for opening new positions.

12. If the user has a bonus but no own funds left in the account, new positions cannot be opened.

13. To convert the bonus into real money (including for withdrawal), the following condition must be met: Turnover Amount = Bonus Amount / 0.1%.


User deposits $10 and receives a $10 bonus. To convert the funds into real money, they must complete operations worth $10,000 (bonus amount $10 / 0.1%).

14. If all conditions are met, the entire bonus amount at the time of conversion will be converted into real funds.

15. The convertible bonus amount cannot exceed all deposits minus withdrawals.


User deposits $500

Bitsofa credits a $100 bonus.

If the user wants to withdraw $450 before reaching the required trading volume, the bonuses are calculated based on the remaining balance in the account:

Deposit $500 - $450 = $50

Bonuses $50.

16. Bitsofa reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms of the promotion if they comply with current legislation.

17. For questions and disputes, please contact support at [email protected].