Trading Rules on the Bitsofa Platform

Bitsofa Rules

Service Fee - 1%

1. Trading rules for users creating advertisements.

On the Bitsofa platform, it is prohibited to:

1. Post advertisements that may harm or disrupt other users.

2. Create identical advertisements for the same payment system with overlapping limits.

3. Reject trade requests without a valid reason.

4. Publish an advertisement with an attractive price to attract a taker, and then change it to a less favorable one to mislead the taker. The only exception is when there was an initial pricing error. In this case, you are required to notify all takers with whom a trade has been established about the change and provide them with the opportunity to cancel the trade.

5. Use nicknames from third-party trading platforms, mention such platforms in trade terms, or promote them in the trade chat.

6. Increase the number of successful trades through the creation of fictitious transactions.

7. Refuse to transfer funds if the buyer has made a payment according to the trade terms but failed to, could not, or forgot to click the confirmation button. In this case, you must refund the funds to the buyer or conduct a new trade for the same amount at the same rate, or at the current rate at the time of the new trade if the exchange rate has changed.

8. Hold funds if the buyer has transferred an amount exceeding the one agreed upon in the trade or has made multiple accidental transfers. The question of a refund is decided by the administration on an individual basis.

9. Hold funds if the buyer has transferred an amount less than what was agreed upon in the trade, except in cases of fraud. In the event of such a situation, it is necessary to refund the funds to the buyer or conduct a trade for the actual transferred amount.

10. Posting payment details in trade terms, sending them in the trade chat, and demanding payment before accepting a trade request.

11. Posting a sale advertisement using one payment system and accepting payments through another payment system is prohibited. However, when creating purchase advertisements, the use of a different payment system is allowed. In this case, you must specify in the trade terms or communicate in the trade chat that you will make the transfer through a different payment system and provide the seller with the opportunity to decline the trade if they disagree.

12. Deliberately complicating trade terms with the intent to deceive users and appropriate their funds. The absence or presence of a payment comment does not provide grounds for canceling the trade or refusing to refund the buyer.

13. Attempting to change trade terms after its initiation, including changing the price, trade amount, and payment details. Exceptions are cases where incorrect details have been provided, making them unusable for the transfer.

14. Any fees are prohibited. The seller receives the full trade amount. Payment system fees are paid by the buyer.

15. When creating advertisements, you must be aware of the risks associated with a specific payment system and assume responsibility for them. Payment delays caused by payment system issues do not justify canceling the trade or refusing to refund the buyer.

16. You have the right to cancel a trade and fully refund the buyer after sending if you are uncertain about the trade's safety or for other substantial reasons, such as errors in the advertisement. You also have the right to cancel a trade and not refund the sent funds to the buyer in case of a significant violation of the trade terms by the buyer.

17. You can demand proof from the buyer that the money transfer was made personally by them from their personal account. If the buyer does not provide such proof or refuses to provide it, you should return the money to the account from which the transfer was made.

18. Keep in mind that the more detailed your description of the trade terms, the fewer disputes arise during trading.

19. If the trade terms do not comply with these rules, they are considered invalid.

20. Bitsofa administration reserves the right to propose compromise solutions in disputed situations.

2. General Trading Rules.

On the Bitsofa platform, the following are prohibited:

Any attempts at fraud and misleading users.

Any attempts to request refunds after a successful completion of a trade.

Transfers through third parties. Sellers have the right to demand proof that the transfer is being made personally by the buyer.

Money received in error from another user cannot be appropriated, even if the trade did not go through. Violating trade terms is not considered an error.

Initiating trades with the purpose of blocking the seller's funds is prohibited.

Creating accounts that in any way harm other users or Bitsofa is prohibited.

Sending forged payment documents is prohibited.

Threats and the disclosure of personal information are prohibited.

Communication in the trade chat should be respectful, without insults and provocations.

Pretending to be Bitsofa employees and representatives is prohibited. Using words like Bitsofa, Moderator, Administrator, and their derivatives in a nickname is not allowed.

Advertising any third-party websites and trading platforms is prohibited.

Offering trades outside the Bitsofa system is prohibited.

3. Penalties

In case of rule violations, we apply the following sanctions: warnings, restrictions on the ability to post advertisements, revocation of PRO status, wallet blocking, or complete account suspension. These measures can be temporary or permanent.

Penalties can also apply to other user accounts and accounts with the same payment details as the violator.

To lift a penalty, it is mandatory to compensate the damages caused to the affected party.

The choice of penalty depends on the seriousness of the violation, the degree of damage, as well as the number and severity of previous violations.